For love there is not age:


I have just found this littel couple from  Chupaca, Junín in Lomas de Manchay, Peru. The  man is  92 years old and his wife, 74. Both gave me a lesson of the day and made me believe in  marriage as a serious proyect of two people, who decide to share their lifes and protect  together.

Love is an art

Mostly people  are not prepare for real love ( includes me). We live in a society that can not  wait and wants an  instant gratification. But life has ups and downs and  both must have developed  high tolerance to frustration to deal unconfortable situations.

Also, when you live with a person or people for long time there are light and darkness at the same time. I usally listen from closed-mates, couples or members of a family : ” Oh he is so cheerfull, very nice” ” She is such nasty with my friends.  ” He used to tell me endearing words and was full of warmth and at the same time was very harsh with me”.

I want a real love

being  together to protect us.. ¿from loneliness? It will not work .